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Miachel S. Baker

"Good people have made mistakes in the past; they shouldn’t be haunted by that mistakes for the rest of their lives."

Michael S. Baker is an attorney in Phoenix, Arizona. In the decade he has been practicing criminal law he has seen countless examples of persons convicted of relatively minor offenses be saddled with lifelong collateral consequences simply because of a criminal record.

In addition to handling hundreds of record clearing cases in Arizona, he has handled all types of criminal cases from first degree murder to minors in consumption of alcohol. No matter what type of case it has been, most of the clients he has represented are generally good people who have made some bad decisions.

Notwithstanding that fact, it is inappropriate, immoral, and unethical to then make persons who have had a criminal offense, whether minor or in some cases major, pay for the rest of their life and be labeled a criminal. The collateral consequences are so severe, from housing constraints, educational pursuits, licensing requirements, employment opportunities lost, volunteering opportunities lost, etc, that the consequences of having a criminal record are actually more severe than the legal criminal consequences imposed by Congress or State Legislatures around this country. This has to end. is dedicated to ending the practice of allowing ordinary Americans who have made a mistake in their past from being labeled as criminals for life. For time immemorial our country valued “second chances” for people. It is an American tradition. However, in the last fifteen to twenty years with the ubiquitous nature of the internet millions of Americans are being prevented from getting a “second chance” due to a criminal record, whether minor or major. This has to end, and is exclusively dedicated to that purpose.

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