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The purpose of Expungements USA is to help people clear their criminal records. With an eventual goal to represent clients all over the United States, our company currently represents individuals in Arizona from all walks of life who have criminal convictions on their records.

At Expungements USA, we are the only Arizona company that focuses the vast majority of its efforts on clearing criminal records and setting aside convictions. This focus gives us a unique competitive advantage. We have represented thousands of clients in a range of legal matters, including expungements.

The courts in each jurisdiction handle expungement matters differently. Certain judges will sign all of the papers the same day that the papers are filed, and others will wait weeks. Certain judges will want to do everything in person, while others will only handle record-clearing matters by phone. Our knowledge of the local courtroom procedures makes our representation efficient and effective.

Representation From An Attorney Who Cares

In addition to his efforts with Expungements USA, attorney Michael S. Baker is dedicated to the community. Mr. Baker volunteers with The United Methodist Church and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, he coaches year-round youth sports, and he is a skilled basketball player originally from southern Indiana.

At Expungements USA, our attorneys are real people who help real people just like you realize a better life. Your criminal conviction has limited your opportunities long enough. Make the call today and let us help you get a fresh start!

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